Zone A / Points on a Line (2011)
I had the opportunity to work with the dancer/choreographer Rebecca Stenn over a two-month period to create this new piece. It is for piano and live electronics and solo dancer, and it incorporates improvisation in both mediums. It was premiered at the Joyce SoHo as part of the SONiC festival, and will be performed again at the 92nd Street Y in February 2012. swell (1'33)
traveling (1'19)
ending (1'56)
Looping Music (2011)
I've been working on some new ideas of how to incorporate looping into a live performance in ways that are texturally dynamic and tonally / harmonically flexible. Here's what I've come up with so far (the piece, 32_reeds, is an improvised performance by Barbara White). Bits and Pieces (1'00)
32_reeds (1'00)
Looping_piano (1'00)
Notes on the Page (2008-2011)
I have been writing mostly notated chamber music over the last two and a half years while studying at Princeton, and I wanted to post a few excerpts here. They were performed by the NOW Ensemble (Trapped Arc), Janus (Not So Giant (Pico)), Kate Campbell (Falling Out), ACME String quartet (Bar Talk), and Psappha (On Three, Or Three Then Go?). Trapped Arc (1'00)
Not So Giant (Pico) (1'00)
Falling Out (1'00)
Bar Talk (1'00)
SoundBytes Festival (2009)
I did a site-specific installation piece at the Anna Leonowens Gallery. It consisted of a prepared piano that visitors were invited to play, and multi-channel real-time audio processing. piano_dulcimer(1'00)
Trial of the Cannibal Dog (2008)
I had the privilege of working on Matthew Suttor's operatic adaptation of The Trial of the Cannibal Dog. It's an incredible opera based on Anne Salmond's historical account of Captian Cook's three voyages around the South Seas. Along with Matthew I created the original sound design for the production, as well as running the live processing on the traditional Maori instruments. The production just won a design award at the World Stage Design competition in South Korea. excerpt 1 (2'01)
Thing With No Name (2007)
I wrote the music for a feature-length documentary by Sarah Friedland called Thing With No Name. It's about antiretroviral drug therapy for HIV+ patients in rural South Africa and it's an amazing and beautiful movie. Click here for more infomation or click on the links to the right to watch a few excerpts. opening (2'01)
fire scene (1'01)
walking scene(1'29)
night scene(1'55)
Extensible Toy Piano Project (2007)
Here are a few excerpts I made by processing a Schoenhut toy 'grand' piano. I performed this live at the Extensible Toy Piano Project Concert at the University of Albany. toypiano1(1'00)
Banff Concert (2006)
Here are a few selections from a concert I gave during a residency at the Banff Centre in November 2006. 32_grains(1'00)
feeding_pitch (1'00)
freezing_pitch (1'00)
combing_beats (4'10)
  32_grains_alt (1'00)
Atlantic Recordings (2006)
Excerpts of recordings that I made during a residency at the Atlantic Center for the Arts in New Smyrna Beach, FL. All processing was done in real time. grains_pluck (1'00)
theater (1'00)
reverbing (1'00)
grains_notes (1'00)
loopingpianos (1'00)
rhythm_play (1'00)
piano_drone2 (1'00)
amp_modulo (1'00)
piano_drones1 (1'00)
rhythm (1'00)
Drone (1'00)
Interactive Piano (2003)
Here are several examples of the types of sounds and textures I have created using my piano and live processing performance environment. These are all improvisations created in real time. fragmented_melody (2'25)
pulse (10'43)
snapsnap (1'19)
fifths (7'02)
pitch_follow (5'43)
pitch_follow2 (1'41)
pitch_envelope (3'25)
tapbang (1'52)
chords (1'47)
melodies (6'08)
moving_filters (1'49)